Our story began well over a decade ago, on a trip to Europe with my better half.  There, we discovered a passion for craft-roasted coffee, brewed with care and attention.  Thus began our “coffee journey”, with thousands of cups, countless roasts and many origin trips to visit farms of the top coffee-producing countries.

A great cup of coffee is more than a beverage or a pick-me-up.   It can be a true authentic experience.  An elevated participation that provides one with both a pleasure for the senses and a vital break in one’s day.  It is a “moment of joy”.  As with other culinary delights, coffee can create a smile, a sigh, a pause that briefly removes us from the routine of our busy lives.  Each sip may be truly savored.

This is our mission and our goal: sourcing the best beans, roasting them in small batches by hand, and getting the final fresh product to you as quickly as possible.

To this end, we regularly sample coffees throughout the year from various regions.  Each bean is roasted several ways, to find out which technique brings out the best flavors and characteristics of each variety.  All cupping and sample tastings are conducted blind.  Truly, only one bean from dozens is actually selected as good enough to be shared with you.

We are very grateful for your patronage, and hope to share our love and passion for truly great coffee with you, and to be a part of your own coffee journey.


The Liberty City Roasters Team!