Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Fruit-forward. Delicate yet intense. Lovely floral aroma. A classic washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe peaberry.  Bright, sweet, and tea-like with a gentle acidity and is resonant with flavors of blueberry, lemon and tropical fruit.

The mouthfeel is lightly satiny with a clean crisp structure.  Flavors remain well-balanced throughout the cup.  This coffee is also a superb espresso: lively lemon/citrus notes, sweet, bright and a clean finish.

We roast this bean on the lighter side (City) to highlight the delicate fruitiness.

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Reviews for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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  1. Bill

    Really enjoyed this mild to medium bodied roast. If you like an aromatic fruity and juicy brew look no further. This one is my wife’s favorite but a little to delicate for everyday for me as I like a bigger bolder brew usually.

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