Guatemalan SHG EP (Green)


  Welcome Fresh Roast Home Roasters! We started out as home roasters, just like you. So, this is our way of giving back to the community. Please respect a 13 pound per customer limit, with any mix of the available green offerings. This is to help ensure that more people may enjoy these coffees. If, there is more left at the end of a distribution, we'll happily allow 2nd orders. If you wish to buy roasted beans, please place a separate order (Currently - a mixed order of roasted/green only allow local pickup). Guatemalan, high-grown single origin. Richly sweet and balanced. Medium acidity. Intense well-rounded delicate fruitiness. Lively floral aroma. This is a classic Guatemalan single-origin experience. Light and clean body, very smooth throughout the cup. As an espresso, this bean transforms into an massive "fruit bomb", replete with lemon, raspberry, orange, stonefruit, and blackberry. Roast Notes: 

This is a very adaptable single origin high grown bean. It does well with roasts of City, City+, and Full City (start of 2nd Crack).  While it may also handle darker roasts, we have not yet tried them - as we prefer to retain and highlight the lovely bright flavors of this single origin.


This bean blends well with many other coffees, especially where the other pairings bring different elements to the table (body, nuttiness, chocolate, earthiness, spice, etc).

Farm: Small Co-op Farms Altitude: 1550–1800 masl Region:  Oriente and Huehuetenango Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica General Cup: Great aromatics, velvety structure, bright citrus acidity Process: Fully Washed

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    Very nice quality. Great Price