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Ok, it’s time to share a secret.  This bold, rich, full-bodied nutty classic Colombian is actually a decaf.  Medium to medium-heavy body, gentle smoky notes, rich velvety nutty tones on the finish. Slightly chocolaty throughout.

We found this incredible bean after a year a year of sampling … and selected it in two separate blind cupping sessions.  This bean truly has everything that one wants and expects in a full-fledged robust Colombian.

Cupping notes:  Bold, rich, full-flavored.  Nutty finish.  Truly, a “ninja decaf”.

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Long.  Striking!  A very unique coffee.  Bold, deep and rich.  A phenomenal espresso!

Cupping notes:  Bold dark flavors.

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  1. pennstateEd (verified owner)

    YOU WON’T BELIEVE ITS DECAF! I was shocked to think what I was tasting was a decaf coffee. This has become a staple in my household.

  2. ksecoda (verified owner)

    These beans create a thoroughly enjoyable cup of coffee. It has a layered complexity that you rarely find in a decaffeinated coffee.

  3. Javajunkie

    I tried this for the first time today and it is delicious! I will definitely be buying more!

  4. LauraGT

    very smooth – no hint of it being a decaf. Makes a very good espresso with a bit of smoky undertaste.

  5. Michael B. (verified owner)

    This one tastes as good as “regular” even though it’s decalf. It’s the best decalf I’ve had.