Mexican High Grown (Green)


  Welcome Fresh Roast Home Roasters! We started out as home roasters, just like you. So, this is our way of giving back to the community. Please respect a 15 pound per customer limit, with any mix of the available green offerings. This is to help ensure that many members can enjoy these coffees. If, there is more left at the end of a distribution, we'll happily allow 2nd orders. If you wish to buy roasted beans, please place a separate order (Currently - a mixed order of roasted/green only allow local pickup). Mexican, high-grown single origin.  We typically will roast this to a City + or Full City. This is a classic high-grown Mexican. This is a distinctly savory coffee. It is well-rounded with a delightful forward presence. In short, this will be a robust coffee experience. This is really good as a morning or "all day sipping" cup. There are soft understated citrus notes, a pleasant acidity, and medium mouthfeel. Overall, this will deliver a sweeping bold deep and resonant flavor profile, with a lingering earthy and nutty finish. Roast Notes: 

This is a very adaptable high grown coffee. It does well with roasts of City+ to Full City (start of 2nd Crack).  It can also handle darker roasts, though we prefer it as a medium or medium-dark profile.


This bean stands very well on its own. It also pairs well with beans that have bright or fruity characteristics.

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