Sulawesi, Indonesia

An astonishingly great Indonesian coffee.  Flavor profile is very forward,  decadently intense, layered and rich.  Juicy acidity.  A syrupy, heavy body.  Creamy velvety mouthfeel.  Savory deep undertones of juniper berries, stone fruit, dark chocolate, and spice.  This is a very bold, smooth and incredibly flavorful cup!

As an espresso, this single origin is overwhelming and saturated with complex notes: sweet, tart, juicy, lively, and complex.

Cupping notes:  Robust, full-bodied and uniquely complex. Intoxicating, nutty, earthy.

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  1. Michael Zimmer (verified owner)

    This is a really delicious coffee. A slightly lighter bean with a rich, complex flavor and not a trace of bitterness. Make this your daily choice, and every morning will be special. We also use the Deep Espresso beans from Liberty City in our espresso maker, and having both ends of the spectrum is perfect.

  2. Bill

    A full bodied roast with an unexpected punch. At first you think its over extracted but you would be wrong. After the first sip you get the sophisticated mouth feel and vast complexity of this bean. I can see where if you could easily over roast this bean but this is a masterpiece!!